Nolah Evolution Mattress Review

Nolah Evolution Mattress Construction & Design

The Nolah Evolution mattress is made up of five different layers that total a beefy 15″ thick (hence why the company calls it the Evolution 15). Below is a quick summary of each layer.

High-Density Support Core – otherwise known as the foundation of the bed.

8″ HDMax Eco Support Coils – together, the coils form the true support framework for the mattress.

High-Resilience Foam – serves as a transition layer in the bed.

AirFoamICE – Nolah’s special comfort foam that is designed to draw heat away from the surface.

ArcticTex Quilted Euro Top – plush topper that adds another element of comfort for sleepers.

All in all, the Nolah Evolution is a well-built mattress. We were impressed with its design and construction. You won’t find too many beds built like this for less than $1,500 (queen size after discounts).

Nolah Evolution Mattress Cover

We love the fun design of the Nolah Evolution cover Encasing the five different layers is a non-removable cover that gives the bed a premium appearance. The Evolution really does look like a mattress you’d find in a fancy $500 per night hotel.

Besides looks, the cover also has a couple other things going for it. Surrounding the Euro pillow top is a heat escape gusset to allow excess heat to quickly dissipate. The cover also includes four handles (two on each side) so consumers can easily move the bed. After all, this is a 15″ thick mattress that weighs over 100 pounds (queen size) so those handles will come in handy (pun intended). Lastly, the fibers woven into the surface of the cover are interwoven with graphite to help keep sleepers cool as they sleep.

Given the cover is non-removable though does mean you’ll have to rely on spot cleaning (not machine washing) if it somehow gets dirty. By the way, this isn’t a big deal. This is the case with the majority of bed covers, even the ones that are technically removable. Just grab water and a mild detergent and you’ll be just fine.

As you might expect given its design and comfort layers, the Evolution mattress has a plush, pillow-top feel. To cut to the chase, the bed is quite comfortable. If you’ve ever stayed at a super fancy hotel, it likely feels just like the mattress that was in your room. It has that light, fluffy sensation that will make you say “aahh” as you lay down. Bottom line, unless you are dead set on getting a memory foam bed , we don’t envision many people complaining about how the Evolution mattress feels.

Nolah has truly made a mattress for everyone when they designed the Evolution with multiple different firmness levels. The mattress now offers three firmness options: Plush, Luxury Firm, and Firm. We think the Plush model is a medium-soft on our firmness scale, and we find the Luxury Firm mattress to land smack dab in the center. In other words, we rate the Luxury Firm to be around a medium on the firmness scale. Lastly, the Firm model is on the firmer side, about a medium-firm on the scale.

The Euro pillow top is soft and comforting but not too soft to where you feel like you’re sinking in. The coils and other layers in the mattress still provide a good amount of support. Though keep in mind, if you have a heavy body type, the mattress will feel a tad softer. On the flip side, folks with petite frames will think this bed feels a little firmer.

Although the Nolah Evolution 15 mattress incorporates cooling ArcticTex fibers in its pillow top and graphite-infused AirFoamICE to help keep sleepers cool throughout the night, we wouldn’t go as far as saying this is a cooling mattress. Our team just doesn’t feel as if the bed actively cools you down. With that said, we didn’t find the Evolution mattress heats up either. Instead, it does a good job of keeping you at a neutral temperature – not too hot or too cold.

It’s important to remember that a variety of factors affect sleeping temperature, it’s not all about your mattress. For example, the climate you live in, what temperature you set your thermostat at and what type of pajamas you wear can all play a role in how warm or cool you sleep.

Nolah Evolution Sleeper Type Analysis

Before we dive into sleeping positions, there is some important context you should understand first. Your height, weight, and body type play a big role in determining how a particular mattress accommodates your primary sleeping position.

To put it another way, a mattress that is ideal for heavy side sleepers doesn’t necessarily mean it will be ideal for petite side sleepers. Below, we discuss each sleeping position in detail, but keep in mind, we write through the eyes (or body) of an average size person; however, we do have specific sections later in the review dedicated to small and large size people.

The Nolah Evolution 15 mattress is an excellent choice for all types of sleepers, including those who favor their side. The bottom line with this bed is that it achieves a nice balance between comfort and support. The mattress is an accommodating middle ground for all.

In particular, side sleepers will find the Plush model quite comfortable. As we noted earlier, the bed doesn’t hug your hips and shoulders like a memory foam mattress, but it’s still soft and pleasant. To put it another way, the euro pillow top provides a good amount of pressure relief. We don’t envision side sleepers waking up with any stiffness or pain coming from their hips and shoulders.

Back And Stomach Sleepers As we stated above, the Euro-top does give the bed an element of soft comfort, but that doesn’t mean the bed is lacking in the support department. The Evolution mattress still provides the necessary support for back and stomach sleepers thanks to the 8″ tri-zoned pocketed coils and resilient transition foams.

With that said, we’ve found that a lot of back and stomach sleepers tend to prefer firm mattresses . So, if you fall into that category, the Nolah Evolution 15’s Firm model may be perfect for you since it lands closer to the firmer end of the firmness scale.

The Nolah Evolution mattress is a solid option for combination sleepers who rotate between positions throughout the night. In fact, these are the types of sleepers for who we think this bed is most ideal for. As we previously stated, the Evolution mattress finds a nice middle ground between comfort and support, making it comfortable in all sleeping positions. We believe that the Luxury Firm model is great for combination sleepers.

In addition, the bed is fairly responsive. To put it another way, you won’t feel like you’re stuck in the mattress. This is a good thing for combo sleepers. The more responsive the mattress, the less effort you have to exert to switch sleeping positions.

Body Type Analysis

Hybrid beds like Nolah Evolution are great for heavy individuals The Nolah Evolution mattress will work for heavy people. It’s a sturdy, well-built bed that is 15″ thick and incorporates 8″ coils. For the record, a lot of hybrid beds use only 6″ or 7″ coils, so you know you’re getting a premium product with Nolah’s 8″ patented tri-zoned support coils. As a reminder, in case you’re new to the Slumber Yard, typically hybrid beds (and hybrid beds that utilize large coils) better support heavy people compared to all-foam beds.

Is Nolah Evolution A Good Mattress For Couples?

Yes, the Nolah Evolution is a good mattress for couples . Below we’ll discuss how the bed performs as far as edge support and motion isolation. These are two key considerations for couples looking for a new bed.

Motion Isolation

Overall, we were impressed with how well the Nolah Evolution mattress isolated motion. The 8″ coils in the bed do give it a little bounce but the transition layers and pillow top definitely help to dampen any movement. We don’t envision couples experiencing any major issues in this department.

Edge Support

Nolah Evolution has great edge support It’s the same story here as with motion isolation (i.e. two thumbs up). The perimeter of the bed is well supported, meaning you and your partner can spread out comfortably and each have your own space. Once again, we don’t see couples having any issues with edge support.

Nolah Evolution Pricing

At first glance, the Nolah Evolution appears to be somewhat expensive. The bed costs more than other luxury hybrid mattresses such as WinkBed and Saatva. Here’s a quick look at MSRP by size.


  • Twin $1799
  • Twin X L $1899
  • Full $2099
  • Queen $2199
  • King $2399
  • Cal King $2399

The table above does not tell the whole story though. That’s because Nolah frequently runs major sales. In most cases, you can expect to receive anywhere from $500-$800 off the Evolution mattress at checkout. Be sure to check out the green discount box on your screen for current promotions.

As such, the true price of a queen size will likely fall somewhere between $1,400 to $1,600, which is more in line with other premium hybrid mattresses on the market.

All in all, our team was very impressed by the Evolution 15 mattress. We think Nolah Sleep knocked it out of the park with their first hybrid bed. The mattress is ultra-comfortable, accommodates a wide variety of body/sleeper types and is priced fairly (especially after discounts). Bottom line, if you’re looking for a premium, hotel style mattress , we strongly recommend you consider the Nolah Evolution.

Nolah Signature 12 Nolah Pillow Nolah Adjustable Base

How The Nolah Evolution Compares

Below find a quick summary of how the other two Nolah beds compare to the Evolution Hybrid.

Nolah Original 10 – The Original is an affordable, all-foam bed that lands on the softer end of the scale. Overall, we see it as a great option for small and medium side sleepers that are working with a limited budget.

Nolah Signature 12 – The Signature is a double-sided, flippable foam mattress that accommodates a wide range of sleepers. One side of the bed is firm and the other is soft. As such, the Signature mattress is a great option for sleepers who want flexibility.


Is the Nolah Hybrid a good mattress?

We think it’s a great mattress, with a premium design and high-quality materials. It also has an accommodating feel and firmness, suitable for all sleeper and body types.

How firm is Nolah Hybrid Evolution?

It’s rated in the middle of the road at a medium, right in between soft and firm.

Is Nolah Hybrid expensive?

Considering it’s a hotel luxury mattress, it’s a little expensive. However, they’re usually running discounts to make the mattress more affordable.

What if I don’t like my Nolah mattress?

Nolah offers a 120-night risk-free trial, so if you don’t like your mattress, you can return it for a full refund.