Layla vs Nolah Mattress Review

Nolah vs Layla – Which Should You Choose?

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Layla and Nolah are two well-known mattress companies that have created a niche for themselves in the market. Nolah’s unique foam relieves pressure well. Layla’s innovative 2-sided mattress is loved by many. We have received several emails asking us to compare them. To help you make an informed decision, I’ll go over the similarities and differences in this article.

Both mattresses are all foam and approximately the same thickness (Nolah 10″, Layla 10.5″).

Similar price range

Both offer free shipping and a 4-month or 120-day trial.

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Key differences

Nolah’s sleeping surface is more responsive

Nolah uses a foam that is both effective at relieving pressure and doesn’t trap heat. Layla uses copper-infused memory Foam, which can also help in cooling.

Nolah is temperature neutral, and won’t heat up overnight like memory foam.

Layla can be flipped with two sides, one firmer and one softer.

My opinion is that Nolah feels more soft than the Layla side.

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Nolah Construction

The picture below gives you a good idea of how the Nolah mattress was constructed.

Here’s how it works:

The cover is made from a very thin and soft viscose. It is breathable, which allows you to interact more directly with the layers below it.

The top layer is made up of 2 inches of AirFoam, a proprietary foam. This foam is temperature neutral and relieves pressure better than memory foam, according to studies.

Avena foam is 12 inch below the AirFoam. Avena foam, which is latex-like, gives the mattress bounce and response. It is extremely durable.

The base layer measures 7 inches and weighs 1.8 lb. The base layer is 7 inches of density poly foam. This is the standard support layer for all foam mattresses.

Layla Construction

Layla has recently updated the construction of its mattress.

The first comfort layer is still composed of 3 inches of copper-infused memory Foam. It is extremely soft and relieves pressure extraordinarily well.

Below that is a 2 inch layer of convoluted foam air flow foam. This is basically a texturized foam meant to allow for air flow

The base layer is now 1.5in thinner than before. It now contains 4.5 inches 2 lb density foam.

There is no change to the comfort layer on either side. It still has 1 inch copper-infused memory foam. Read our full Layla Review

Construction Notes

The durability of the mattresses should be equal. Nolah could have an advantage due to its comfort layers of higher density.

Layla’s mattress responds more quickly to pressure than Nolah’s foam. Layla, however, has a deeper feeling of sinking into the bed.

Layla is more comfortable sleeping hot, but Nolah is cooler. Layla may also benefit from heat reduction through the use of copper.

Layla’s flippability means that you have more options for firmness, and better chances of finding the right level.

Firmness/Feel Differences

Nolah has great responsiveness. It responds well to pressure and returns to its original shape faster than memory foam. The Layla’s soft side is more firm than the Nolah. These videos will give you an idea of the characteristics of each mattress.

Motion Transfer Differences

Both mattresses are good at isolating motion. Both mattresses are excellent options for couples. The videos below demonstrate how they perform.

Pick Nolah If:

You need a mattress that is more neutral in temperature. The Nolah’s top layer is temperature neutral so you won’t experience any problems with hot sleeping.

Choose Layla If:

If you aren’t sure which firmness is best for you, the two sides of the mattress offer you another chance to find the right one.

Have You Had Success with Memory Foam before? The Layla is a classic example of memory foam. The Layla is a great choice if you love memory foam.

Final Verdict

Both are great mattresses so you can trust them both. You can find out more about Layla and Nolah by visiting our mattress comparisons page. There you will see comparisons such as Layla vs Casper Layla or Saatva. If you have specific questions or would like me to help you decide which one is better, please leave a comment below.