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LECTURE I: The Past, Present and Future of Mandarin
LECTURE II: Language Matters: For Creativity and Dignity– A Writer’s Perspective (Pentingnya Bahasa: Demi Kreativiti dan Maruah – Sudut Pandang Seorang Penulis)


The Past, Present and Future of Mandarin

By David Moser 莫大伟
Moderated by: Tan Chee Lay 陈志锐

Date: 9 Sep, 2017
Time: 10am – 12.30pm (Lecture + panel discussion)
Venue: Chamber, The Arts House
Tickets: Tickets: $22; $18 (Students and senior citizens) | Get your tickets here

In this opening lecture at TranslateSingapore 2017, renowned linguist and writer David Moser (A Billion Voices: China’s Search for a Common Language) explores the question, "Where did our current global version of standard Chinese come from, and where is it going?" Whether it is called Mandarin, huayu, guoyu, or putonghua, the world's Chinese now have a common tongue. In the 21st century the problems are largely pedagogical: What is the best way to teach the language to the tens of millions of foreigners and Chinese heritage learners who tackle it every year? How can we address the problems of learners in Chinese diaspora communities in Singapore, and around the world? How can we make the Chinese characters easier to learn in the new cyberspace century? And how can the study of the language serve as a vehicle for the spread of Chinese culture itself? David Moser answers these questions and more.

The lecture will be followed by a roundtable discussion

Roundtable Discussion: Chinese and Me

Featuring: David Moser, Tan Chee Lay, Sukanya Pushkarna, Lai Chee Kien, Ho Ai Li

With the rise of China, Chinese is gradually becoming a global language. But as the language spreads around the world, could more local variants develop, as in the case of English? How connected does a Chinese person in Southeast Asia feel to Beijing Mandarin compared to the vernacular version? A diverse panel of speakers discuss their own relationship to the Chinese language and the roles the language plays in their cultural, economic, and social lives.

The programmes will be in English with some Mandarin.

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Language Matters: For Creativity and Dignity
A Writer’s Perspective

By Mohamed Latiff Mohamed

Date: 30 Sep, 2017
Time: 10am – 12.30pm (Lecture + panel discussion + book launch)
Venue: Possibility Room, National Library (Level 5)
Free admission with registration

Language is the basic constituent of a writer’s work. Imagination, values, and ideas can only be expressed through language. A language that empowers social, cultural, political, and intellectual imaginations thus becomes imperative for any meaningful literary endeavour. The latter in turn should secure and harness the dignity of the writer, the people, and the nation. Invariably, the very language of criticality and dignity is a challenge that we must confront.

In this special lecture on International Translation Day, one of Singapore’s leading Malay writers, Cultural Medallion recipient Mohamed Latiff Mohamed, offers his insights on the role of the Malay language in our society and culture.

The lecture will be in Malay with English interpretation.

Pentingnya Bahasa: Demi Kreativiti dan Maruah
Sudut Pandang Seorang Penulis

Oleh Mohamed Latiff Mohamed

Bahasa adalah asas penting untuk pengkaryaannya. Imaginasi, nilai, dan pemikiran hanya bisa terungkap dalam bahasa. Bahasa yang memberdayakan imaginasi sosial, kultural, politikal dan intelektual makanya menjadi sangat penting untuk ikhtiar sastera yang bermakna. Ini pula harus mengarah kepada pemupukan dan pemastian terwujudnya ataupun terjaminnya maruah, yang penting bagi si penulis, bangsanya dan negaranya. Justeru itu, bahasa yang berdimensi kritis dan menjunjung maruah adalah cabaran yang harus kita berdepan sama.

Dalam kuliah khas pada Hari Terjemahan Antarabangsa ini, salah seorang penulis Melayu terkemuka di Singapura, penerima anugerah Cultural Medallion , Mohamed Latiff Mohamed, menawarkan pandangannya mengenai peranan bahasa Melayu dalam masyarakat dan kebudayaan kita.

Kuliah ini akan dibawakan dalam bahasa Melayu dan ditafsirkan dalam bahasa Inggeris.

Followed by

Panel Discussion and Book Launch

Featuring: Azhar Ibrahim, Mohamed Pitchay Gani Aziz, Nazry Bahrawi, Nuraliah Norasid, Shirley Chew

A panel of writers, translators and cultural practitioners will respond to Cikgu Latiff’s talk on his perspective on the Malay language. Furthermore, we will celebrate the launch of the English translations of two of Cikgu’s books – an anthology of his short stories, Lost Nostalgia, and poetry collection, A Crackle of Flames. A Circle of Rainbow

The programme will be in Malay and English.

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