TranslateSingapore 2017


The Blue Forest: Translation Workshops for Children

Suitable for children from 7 to 12 years old who are interested in languages.

Date: 16 – 17 Sep 2017
Time: 16 Sep, 10am to 12.30pm (From English into Chinese)
17 Sep, 10am to 12.30pm (From English into Malay)
17 Sep, 10am to 12.30pm (From English into Tamil)
Venue: The Artground
Free admission by registration here

Calling all aspiring young translators! Join us in these interactive, bicultural translation workshops, where you will be translating short texts from the children’s picture book, The Blue Forest, from English into Chinese, Malay, or Tamil. Our translators will be onsite to help you with word choices and simple creative writing, and to match the words to the pictures.

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The Blue Forest: A Dramatised Reading in Three Languages

Date: 30 Sep 2017
Time: 5pm – 6pm & 7pm – 8.30pm
Venue: The Artground
Free admission by registration here

What is this sound?

Agitating, it makes me upset.

Entangled, bounded and clung,

I rest hanging to a dream, and I wait.

Not even the sparrow can distract me.”

– The Blue Forest

The Blue Forest is a children’s picture book that consists of 10 colourful, imaginative and playful drawings by Italian Theatre for Children artist, Dario Moretti. The pictures are linked by a lyrical and fantastical story written by noted Singapore theatre director, Jeffrey Tan. In conjunction with International Translation Day, we present a reading of the book in three of our languages – Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. The book was previously translated from English into these languages, with input from participants of our children’s translation workshops.

Be prepared to go on a journey to a forest that is filled with colours, music, and languages!

Venue Partner: The Artground

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Comics Drawing Workshops For Kids

By Peejay Catacutan

Date: 23 Sep, 2017
Time: 11am – 1pm
Venue: Council Room, The Arts House
Ticket: $30 | Get your tickets here

Ever wanted to draw your own comic strip? Let Filipino comic book illustrator Peejay Catacutan show you how! You will learn how to draw characters, create expressions and make them come alive. Let your creativity soar!

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